Reimagining Experiences.
Revolutionizing Data

With Aptiv and Intel, automotive leadership meets data expertise. Together, we’re creating more intuitive, personalized experiences inside the vehicle while helping the automotive industry discover new, valuable ways to use data.

Extracting Value from Data

Connected cars are generating a flood of data—and tremendous opportunities for businesses. This data can be used to prevent recalls, improve in-vehicle experiences, and make over-the-air software updates. Aptiv has assembled a team to help automakers understand what data to collect, as well as how to transmit and broker it. Intel is uniquely positioned to provide the substantial compute needed to process data in the vehicle and transmit it more securely to the data center.

Aptiv and Intel Pioneer the Next-Generation Cabin

As driving technologies evolve, automakers must build trust by creating intuitive, satisfying experiences inside the vehicle. Aptiv’s award-winning user experience solutions deliver critical information to drivers and passengers, maximizing safety, convenience, and enjoyment. Now, Aptiv is developing new technologies for next-generation In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) with solutions based on the Intel® Development Platform for In-Vehicle Experiences.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

As a technology provider, Aptiv has the software and hardware capabilities needed to deliver innovative system solutions to global automakers. These solutions have been designed using the highest-performance system architecture, while optimizing mass and total cost. Aptiv is one of the only technology companies in the world that can deliver fully integrated, automotive-grade technologies, including industry-leading advanced driver assistance systems (informational ADAS) and infotainment user experience platforms. Intel has powered solutions in vehicles of nearly every major automaker, as well as systems for in-vehicle infotainment, imaging, navigation, and informational ADAS.

Advanced Solutions for IVI

Together, Aptiv and Intel are powering advanced solutions for IVI. Aptiv’s Integrated Cockpit Controller* (ICC*) family features Intel Atom® automotive SoCs, which deliver substantial compute in a low-power package, impressive graphics capabilities, and security features. The scalable ICC product family spans volume to premium vehicle segments and integrates sensor inputs across both the infotainment and functional safety domains.

Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Consolidation

By consolidating ECUs, automakers and suppliers can dramatically reduce the costs of informational ADAS, IVI systems, and instrument clusters. Aptiv’s ICC* family, powered by Intel Atom® automotive SoCs, consolidates ECU workloads for better safety, security, and flexibility. This integrated architecture delivers estimated system cost savings of up to 12 percent, while reducing mass by 33 percent.1 It gives automakers the flexibility to combine multiple domains, such as infotainment, clusters, and other user experience software features in an open architecture inside a single controller box.

Safer and More Secure

From software to sensors, Aptiv is an industry leader in automotive-grade safety technologies. Fusing their expertise with Intel’s layered protection from chip to cloud will result in a new class of automotive solutions that make driving safer and more secure. To ensure these new products meet a high level of cybersecurity standards, Aptiv has built a dedicated testing lab to address and mitigate ongoing security threats.

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