Accelerated Insight Through Analytics

With more than 20 years of collaborative problem solving, Intel and SAS partner to deliver powerful analytics solutions helping businesses across industries generate greater value from their data.

Partners in Optimized Analytics Solutions

Intel and SAS work closely together to optimize feature-rich SAS analytics software for powerful Intel® architecture. SAS advanced analytics software benefits from the exceptional performance and large memory capacity of the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, as well as Intel® Solid State Drives for fast data storage access and retrieval.1 2 Together, Intel and SAS deliver an in-memory processing engine for real-time and predictive analytics that can turn immediate insights to real business advantage.

Intel and SAS enterprise solutions empower you to use analytics to capitalize on new business opportunities, such as the introduction of a new product or service; or solve a wide range of business problems, such as fraud prevention or process improvement.

For organizations in the early stages of their analytics journey, Intel and SAS offer the Analytics Fast Track for SAS, a state of the art technology platform configured with the necessary SAS analytical capabilities simply turn on, add your data, and quickly demonstrate value from SAS analytics.

SAS and Intel Deliver Analytics at Scale

Intel and SAS are providing enterprises around the world with an innovation-rich, analytics ready solution capable of handling the diverse range of analytics workloads today, as well as the complex workloads of tomorrow.

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In-Memory Analytics for Deeper Insights, Faster Decisions

Together, SAS In-Memory Analytics solutions and the Intel® Xeon® processors Scalable family deliver real-time analytics for faster insights and smarter decision making.

Harvard Business Review Pulse Survey

This HBR survey uncovers the key to unlocking customer insights & driving the customer experience.

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Drive Up Performance for Analytics and Risk Management Workloads

Accelerate completion of parallel analytics tasks by up to 2X on SAS 9.4* applications with the Intel® Xeon® Platinum 8180 processor and Intel® Optane™ technology.

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SAS Analytics Run Faster with Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

SAS applications provide an integrated environment for predictive and descriptive modeling, data mining, and forecasting.

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SAS True Customer 360* Means Deeper Customer Insights

Merging online and offline data using SAS Customer Intelligence 360* provides a comprehensive view that yields actionable insights for your IT organization.

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How SAS* Retail Omnichannel Analytics Improve Customer Experiences

Learn how SAS* Retail Omnichannel Analytics can help improve operations and customer experience with artificial intelligence and trade area analytics.

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Intel Technology Powers SAS Analytics in the Energy and Utility Verticals

Rapid prototyping, analytics modernization, instant sandbox, and speed to value. SAS and Intel team up to deliver powerful processing and analytics.

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SAS and Intel: Partners in Analytics

Improve customer experience and increase profits with SAS advanced analytics based on Intel® technology.

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Omnichannel Analytics Deliver Unified Truth

Improve customer experiences while delivering customer insights and a unified truth across channels.

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Intelligent Analytics for Smart Machines

SAS Analytics for IoT makes the flood of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) data work for you.

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Modernize Your Datacenter to Do More

Modernize your data center by consolidating the SAS workloads of your legacy servers onto next-generation Intel® processor powered servers.

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Innovating at the Data Frontier

Intel and SAS solutions push CPU and memory limits to process larger data sets and run real-time analytics such as machine learning and forecasting.

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