Intel® Future Skills: Toy Hacking

Project Overview: Create a new toy by taking apart a battery operated one, examining it, and then recombining its parts to make something completely new.

Project Information:

  • Project Category: Skill-up

  • Difficulty Level: Intermediate

  • Time Range: 60-90 minutes




A world of infinite possibilities. That is the Intel® Future Skills vision. And this is just the beginning of your journey toward innovative thinking and doing.

Welcome to the Toy Hacking Article project. What is more fun than playing with toys? Taking them apart, of course! And even better than that? Redesigning them and putting them back together to make a new toy that is uniquely yours. Can you make the head spin? What happens if you add a gear, or take one away? Time to get going so that you can hack your toy into an amazing and fun creation.

When you are finished, share your design and feedback with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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