Loading a Non-GPL Splash Screen

Loading a Non-GPL Splash Screen

Loading a Non-GPL Splash Screen

Loading a Non-GPL Splash Screen

To avoid legal issues, if you want to use non-GPL splash screen you must ensure that the splash screen is not part of the kernel. For legal reasons, it may be better if non-GPL content remains in a separate file rather than bundled into the kernel.

Intel recommends keeping the splash screen in an initramfs rather than in the kernel. Any images, regardl...ess whether they are GPL or non-GPL, can be stored into initramfs without triggering any legal issues.

An example will be loading binary blob that contains a splash screen image while we load Intel® Embedded Media and Graphics Driver (Intel® EMGD). This will be more useful for the user who builds Intel EMGD as a built-in kernel. To get the binary blob loaded when the graphics driver is loaded, you must store the splash screen inside a binary blob that will be built into the kernel. With this method, when Intel EMGD loads, the driver will look for a binary blob that contains the splash screen and then load it. This will definitely cause legal issues if the splash screen is a non-GPL image.

This white paper is the solution for using non-GPL as splash screen in a binary blob when the graphics driver loads and uses the binary blob. The splash screen will be placed into the binary blob and stored into an initramfs.

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