Upgrade Building Operations with the Intel® IoT Platform

Analytics from IoT devices lower operational expenses and enhance building system performance.

With the Intel® IoT Platform and enhanced analytics, building operators and managers can keep systems functional and cost-effective.

Keeping operational expenses low is a consistent challenge for owners and managers of multistory buildings, schools, or building complexes. Some of the infrastructure available for managing building energy is designed for massive systems and not for managers with smaller budgets, resulting in high costs of adoption and integration. Third-party applications that partner with Intel IoT innovations can collect, analyze, and control data from a multitude of systems, including HVAC, power, and lighting.

For many operators, understanding optimal performance levels for a building’s systems can be a herculean task. IoT devices that allow data gathering and understanding of a wide range of systems can help managers create policies to control consumption and waste. These controls offer major savings and a comprehensive understanding of the systems within a building.

Analytics drawn from IoT devices enable operators to better understand the number of machines necessary to support a building. For example, data from HVAC systems can help operators determine the performance levels necessary to ensure optimum levels of comfort for occupants. These performance metrics can also translate to future savings on renovation projects and new buildings, providing continuous value add.

Operators now have the ability to control systems remotely on phone apps and desktop interfaces. Analytics data can help generate policies and alerts about system performance issues, reducing the need to rely on local personnel for operational support.

Preventative maintenance is often difficult, relying on intuition rather than data to schedule downtime and repair for machines. Predictive maintenance powered by the IoT can monitor performance and overall health of many different machines, able to predict and subsequently help operators prevent machine failure. Cut back on operational downtime and failure with secure frameworks provided by the Intel® IoT Platform.