Optimized molecular dynamics code

Researchers are looking for new tools to help them handle growing molecular packages, which can span from hundreds to millions of particles.

Optimized Molecular Dynamics Codes in Life Sciences—Why it Matters

Molecular dynamics (MD) software simulates the evolution of a system of atoms or other particles over time. A valuable research tool, it is used for a wide variety of applications that include developing new and better therapeutics, designing new materials with better properties, and improving the efficiency of alternative energy devices.

The efficacy of MD is limited when scientists are unable to simulate systems that are large enough or are unable to simulate for sufficient time scales. For this reason, MD is often one of the most important tools at leading supercomputer centers.

Intel Life Sciences Building Blocks

Intel continues to advance the capabilities of molecular dynamics (MD) with faster and more power-efficient processors, interconnects, I/O, and software solutions. Scientists need these technologies to solve new and increasingly complex problems, many of which were once beyond their reach. The rewards of such advances are profound, spanning many research fields and helping enhance quality of life around the world.\

Intel works with industry leader experts, commercial and open-source authors to optimize top industry codes. We then help facilitate the release of these changes through the main distributions to maximize industry impact and ensure everyone benefits from the optimization efforts.

Learn about the impact of technology on our lives, enabling simulated computer experiments to help cure diseases.

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