Predictive Analytics for Healthcare

Turning big data into actionable insight with Intel® technology.

With predictive clinical analytics, healthcare providers can improve patient safety, increase operational efficiency, and boost patient satisfaction by accessing new insights.

Healthcare systems are undergoing a massive digital transformation. Digital systems including electronic health records, remote patient monitoring systems, and new smart sensors in hospitals are creating huge amounts of new data. Within this data is an unprecedented opportunity to uncover insights that can lead to improvements in care delivery, operational efficiency, and financial performance. To discover and act on the most meaningful insights, organizations need advanced techniques like predictive analytics as well as new tools and skills — with a new mindset — to achieve data driven success.

Intel® technology enables healthcare organizations to capitalize on the potential of advanced analytics. These technologies include next-generation data center servers to process the increasing amount of data, storage solutions to hold data ranging from EMR records to medical images, and networking solutions that allow for the consistent transmission of data from large sensor networks. With these technologies, organizations assemble new sources of data to discover increasingly complex insights that can be integrated into business and clinical workflows in real-time. The result is a fundamental shift in data strategy from traditional business intelligence (using data to see what happened) to predictive analytics (using data to predict what will happen).

Predictive analytics can be built on a range of data sources. Combining new types of data can uncover hidden correlations that allow for a more impactful and efficient use of clinical and business resources. The storage and processing of disparate data sources, however, requires a big data architecture. A platform constructed on Intel technologies provides performance and scale to meet current and future demands. You’ll find Intel technologies at the core of many popular big data platforms such as the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub*, SAP HANA*, Oracle Health Foundation*, and MarkLogic*.

Predictive analytics will play a key role in the digital transformation of healthcare, helping care organizations, and providers improve clinical workflows. A powerful data center platform can support healthcare systems as they take this next step to obtain new insights for the benefit of their organizations and patients.