Powerful Data. Intelligent Warehouse.

Warehouse management plays a strategic role in the supply chain by enabling inventory distribution, sorting, or cross-docking processes that strive to meet the growing demand of the market. Enhance your end-to-end operations with Intel’s warehouse management solutions, bringing you added inventory traceability and an increased customer experience.

Warehouse Intelligence at the Edge of Business

Deploy new technology with confidence. From the supply chain to the factory floor, Intel® Industrial IoT solutions enhance collaboration between machines, humans, and enterprise systems.

Reduce Inventory Carrying Costs

Intelligent sensors empower businesses to understand carrying costs and make rapid adjustments based on real-time needs.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Discover optimized performance at every point to understand existing and future needs with greater accuracy.

Accelerate Inventory Velocity

Calculate the status of each product, including location, price, and out-of-stock details to improve the speed of inventory management.

Enhance Inventory Security

Track products throughout the supply chain in order to maximize security and minimize errors.

Business at the Speed of Commerce

The speed of commerce today means that logistics and freight companies must respond with faster throughput times while lowering costs to squeeze more from already narrow profit margins. Market trends such as value-added services growth, and increased automation are transforming the way logistics providers do business.

Improve Logistics and Asset Management

Improve traceability using powerful Intel® technology that provides real-time data every step of the way.

Monitor Processing Times on the Assembly Line

Item-level monitoring with technology-enabled devices on the assembly line that ensures on-time order processing and deliveries.

Leverage Secure Intelligence

Intel can help you make sense of data — in a practical way — with secure intelligence through operations and warehouse management.

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Intel® RFID Sensor Platform (Intel® RSP)

The Intel® RFID Sensor Platform (Intel® RSP) provides inventory visibility and near-real-time analytics at the edge in a warehouse or factory environment.

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