Simplify IoT Management And Gain Analytics

Managing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions is easier with Intel® technologies. You can manage any size deployment faster, with less complexity and greater control. Plus, seamless, end-to-end analytics deliver actionable, real-time insights.

Gateway Solutions

Intel® IoT Gateways

Intel® IoT Gateways offer companies a key ingredient for enabling the connectivity of legacy industrial devices and other systems to the IoT.

Intel® IoT Gateways

Turn data into action with reliable, secure solutions built on Intel® IoT Gateways.

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Connecting Legacy Systems

Intelligent gateways allow old and new devices to connect to the cloud.

Connected legacy systems

The Power of Gateways

Adam Burns from Intel explores the impact of intelligent gateways.

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Business Benefits of Gateways

See how intelligent gateways can help you transform your business.

The Daikin applied story