Como Fazer o Incrível 2021

Em um mundo de desafios, está na hora de encontrar a sua solução. Acompanhe nosso evento de lançamento no dia 06 de abril, às 12h ( horário de Brasília) para conhecer a nova visão da Intel e a inovadora linha de produtos da ponta à nuvem.

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Captivating Screens That Boost Your Bottom Line

Every screen presents an opportunity to share your message and capture revenue through advertising. And with digital signage solutions embedded with the latest AI and analytics, you can learn more about your audience, their traffic patterns, and which messages work best.

Increase Brand Recall

Interactive digital signage has been shown to increase brand awareness and recall rates by 23 percent.1

Increase Sales

Digital signage systems, such as kiosks in quick service restaurants, can increase order size by as much as 30 percent.1

Gain Insights Into Attribution

Digital signage can help connect the dots and close the loop between displayed content and in-store customer behaviors, including purchase. This empowers businesses to more finely attribute the impact of in-store advertising and marketing investments.

Drive Greater Brand Loyalty

Digital signage empowers companies to deliver more successful promotions that increase sales and drive higher customer engagement.

Greater Flexibility with Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards let restaurants quickly update menu items, pricing, promotions, and other information. With the ability to make changes quickly and easily, you can lower costs and provide the right messages at the right time.

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Maximize Revenue with Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Signage

The global outdoor digital signage market is growing fast, with growth expected to reach USD 31.7 billion annually by 2025.2 Outdoor digital advertising signs reach specific audiences as they go about their day—whether they’re on the street, in an airport, at the mall, enjoying a sporting event, or in any other high-traffic location.

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A New Era of Retail with Smart Shelves

Smart shelves are one of the most exciting solutions powering the next generation of retail. For shoppers, smart shelves make it easy to see pricing and information. When synced with a customer loyalty account, they can also deliver personalized experiences that reward shoppers. For retailers and manufacturers, the smart shelf can create data-led sales and marketing opportunities and make it possible to optimize pricing dynamically.

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Immersive, Interactive Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks deliver unparalleled convenience and speed. And with support for ultrahigh-definition (UHD) visuals and responsive touchscreens, they have been proven to increase revenue by engaging the customer in new and innovative ways. Customers can quickly place orders, check in or check out, find information, and pay for their purchases—all without needing assistance from your staff.

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Intel® Technologies for Digital Signage

From smart shelves to video walls, the best digital signage is built on proven technology. Intel delivers the compute performance, high-quality graphics, and connectivity to support digital signage devices in any form, for any purpose.

IoT and Embedded Processors

Our latest, enhanced for IoT processors offer unique features for functional safety and real-time performance—which helps drive intelligent, immersive digital signage, automate checkout, and fight fraud.

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Intel vPro® Platform

Select the Intel vPro® platform for business-class PCs and devices. With Intel® Active Management Technology, IT teams can remotely manage digital signage, helping improve security and energy efficiency.

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Intel® NUC

When you need big performance in a small space, power your digital signage with an Intel® NUC mini PC.

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Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM)

This specification and reference design for all-in-one systems helps deliver intelligence and interoperability for digital signage solutions.

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Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit

Turn your digital signage into smart signage by deploying computer vision on Intel platforms.

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Upgrade Your Business with Digital Signage

Notices and Disclaimers

Intel® technologies may require enabled hardware, software or service activation.

No product or component can be absolutely secure.

Your costs and results may vary.

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1“Giving Customers a Better Dining Experience,”
2“AI and Automation are Transforming Digital Out of Home Advertising,”