Unleash the Value of Big Data

Kimberly S. Stevenson, Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Intel Corporation: It’s truly an amazing time in technology. Data is being collected at a rate that nearly equals Moore’s Law and transforming how businesses manage and analyze their information.

Tom Reilly, CEO, Cloudera: The conversation around Hadoop* and big data has changed dramatically for the ...better.

Stevenson: Over the past few years, Intel’s been demonstrating the value of big data by looking at malware detection, product validation, market intelligence, and recommendation systems.

Reilly: Whether you’re leveraging big data for customer 360 use cases or you’re anticipating your customers’ needs, or if it’s introducing new data-driven products and services leveraging the Internet of Things, or lastly, if you’re addressing security risk and compliance, all three types of these use cases are boardroom level uses cases and they’re transforming industry.

Stevenson: As processing power continues to grow exponentially the possibilities with technology are limitless.

Reilly: And we’re so pleased to be delivering these high value use cases in conjunction with our partner, Intel.

Stevenson: Together, Intel and Cloudera are making technology possible for businesses to accelerate their growth and improve operational performance.

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