Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance Membership

Membership Overview

The Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance program offers four membership tiers with increasing benefits. The General membership level is available by application. The other levels are invitation-only, based on ecosystem alignment, business objectives, and technology advancement. 

Membership Advantages and Highlights

Reach customers in key market segments through posting your solutions, systems, products, and services in the Alliance’s Solutions Directory.

Stretch marketing dollars through Market Development Funds (MDF) and joint selling opportunities with Intel.

Use Alliance publications and the Intel® Embedded Community to reach a global audience.

Work with fellow Alliance members to innovate on products using Intel® technology.

Eligibility and Requirements for General Members

To qualify for General membership in the Alliance, a company must:

  • Currently provide a product or service(s) aligned in single or multiple areas of supply-line capability with Intel® architecture, and the modular communications platform or applications or solutions that drive market segment demand for platforms and network infrastructure from Intel. The qualifying product(s) or service(s) must be publicly listed on the company's website and in production.
  • Have worldwide or geographical capability for services, support, and integrated supply.

To remain in good standing as a General member, a company must:

  • Provide current company and contact information.
  • Maintain current and accurate solutions directory information.
  • Supply consistent product information for continued qualification as an Alliance member.

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