Here you'll find all the marketing assets for general Intel® NUC Elements communications. These assets can be shared publicly.

Intel® NUC Elements Product Brochure

This brochure introduces Intel® NUC Elements which deliver the flexibility of modular computing and let you create custom, modular solutions to fit your clients' exact needs.

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Intel® NUC Elements Video

An introduction to the Intel® NUC Elements product line, designed to simplify system assembly and allow integrators and system builders to more easily fulfill product demand.

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Intel® NUC Elements Copy

The Intel® NUC Elements copy document includes headlines, subheads, sound bites, body copy, and calls to action to use when communicating about the Intel® NUC Elements products. This document includes copy for channel, ecosystem, and pass through use.

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Intel® NUC Elements Decision Tree

This sales and training tool is designed to lead the viewer to the appropriate Intel® NUC Element combination for their custom solution.

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