The Intel® Sirius™ Pro System

Intel® Sirius™ Pro UAV

The Intel® Sirius™ Pro drone is a fixed-wing UAV designed for large area flying. It is able to perform fully automatic flights over inaccessible terrain without the need to set ground control points, significantly reducing time, cost, and human risk.

MAVinci Desktop Software

The MAVinci Desktop Software integrates all functions needed to plan flights in order to deliver the most accurate results. It features fully automatic flight plan splitting and specialized flight plans for different use cases to maximize efficiency within a full 3D environment. It will generate an ideal flight pattern over a selected area, collect and handle data, and easily export images for post-processing into orthophotos and 3D models.

Camera Kit

The Intel® Sirius™ Pro system captures more than 2000 high-quality images in a single flight. The standard camera is the Sony A6300* which is used for standard surveying and city mapping. The Intel® Sirius™ Pro drone is also compatible with the Sony RX1R II*, and the multispectral MicaSense RedEdge*.

Features and Performance Benefits

Advanced Flight Planning

The MAVinci Desktop Software enables quick and easy flight planning offline or in the field. Easily select the desired area, set the ground sample distance, and the software will automatically produce an optimized flight plan, accounting for and calculating elevation changes, flight duration, and legal air space.

Precise 3D Data and Analysis

The MAVinci Desktop Software enables automatic terrain following, real-time flight data, and telemetry visualization, while also ensuring 100% coverage of the survey area. The drone is compatible with a variety of payloads which can capture precise data for a wide range of commercial applications.

Simple, Safe Flights

With quick and easy flight planning, hand launch and automatic spot landing, the Intel® Sirius™ Pro UAV makes surveying simple and safe. It delivers high-quality data that can be quickly and easily collected, processed, and converted into orthophotos, point clouds, and 3D models.

Customer Support / Global Reliable Customer Service

Intel offers a global support network of well-trained global support teams, which provide quick technical support and practical pilot training for the Intel® Sirius™ Pro drone. Whether you’re a drone expert or first-time adopter, you can rely on our trusted support network for assistance.

Payload Options

Sony Alpha a6300*

This new all-round camera with multiple lens options is best for surveying, construction, mining, and citymapping (with fisheye lens).

Sony RX1R II*

This high resolution camera features 42 Mpix and back-lit full frame sensor, making it the ideal choice for mapping large areas with a very high resolution.

MicaSense RedEdge*

The MicaSense Red Edge* features 5 discrete spectral band sensors which are especially useful for applications in agriculture, biology, and other scientific research interests. Its data enables you to monitor plant health even in large fields, which can reduce the usage of fertilizer and pesticides. The RedEdge is also ideal for biomass volume computation or animal counting.

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Advanced Flight Planning with the Intel® Sirius™ Pro System

Watch how the Intel® Sirius™ Pro system makes data collection with advanced flight planning easy, creating 3D flight plans, and detailed models quickly for city mapping, spiral mapping, corridor mapping, and 3D elevation adaption with live mission control.

Intel® Falcon™ 8+ Drone

The Intel® Falcon™ 8+ drone is an advanced UAS with a patented V-form design to allow full 180 degree unobstructed views. It features full electronic system redundancy and is equipped with best-in-class onboard sensors, which ensure detailed data capture for orthography with millimeter accuracy.

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