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Intel Quality System Handbook

The Intel Quality System Handbook describes Intel's quality management system. Intel manages quality throughout technology development, product development, materials quality, manufacturing, and customer support. Achieving and maintaining world-class quality leadership are top priorities, resulting in a quality culture that keeps us at the forefront of the semiconductor technology.

Intel's quality policy

Chapter 1 – The Intel Quality Policy

Intel achieves world-class quality through operational excellence, continual improvement, and satisfying customer needs in everything we do. We are committed to delivering the quality and reliability that is worthy of our customers' trust and enables our products to connect people with information and touch lives around the world.

Intel's quality management system

Chapter 2 – Intel's Quality Management System

Intel implemented a flexible quality management system architecture based on Intel's mission, corporate values, and quality policy. This architecture encompasses a wide range of mature and robust systems and processes, and enables Intel to provide responsive support to customers and optimize the customer usage of Intel® products.

Technology development

Chapter 3 – Technology Development

Intel uses standard and custom tests to address the challenges inherent in the rapid advancement of electronics core technologies. This systematic approach enables Intel to ensure that high-quality technologies are developed along the path to production. Intel bases the development of technology on planning and certification for silicon, package, sort/test, and boards.

Product development

Chapter 4 – Product Development

The product development organization utilizes the product qualification system and product life cycle to take a product from research to product discontinuance. By integrating the product life cycle and the product qualification system, Intel meets customer needs through customer engagement, innovation, validation, and world-class manufacturing.

Materials quality

Chapter 5 – Materials Quality

Stable and predictable quality, availability, and cost-effectiveness of incoming material are critical and necessary conditions for Intel factories to run smoothly and deliver products that meet customer satisfaction. The materials group works closely with the supplier and collaborates in Intel's supply chain to accomplish this mission.

Manufacturing quality systems

Chapter 6 – Manufacturing Quality Systems

Manufacturing uses issue prevention as its main approach in providing quality products. This is evident in the use of the Intel Copy Exactly! methodology and manufacturing systems. Intel's Copy Exactly!, a methodology followed by Fab, sort, and assembly test manufacturing, focuses on matching the manufacturing site to the development site.

Customer support

Chapter 7 – Customer Support

The Intel customer quality support services encompass materials declaration, manufacturing enabling, product change management, order fulfillment quality, technical quality, and returns management. Intel listens to customers through daily interactions and through the Intel® Customer Excellence Program (Intel® CEP).


Chapter 8 – Synopsis

Provides an executive overview of the functional areas described in the Intel Quality System Handbook. If you have questions regarding this document, please use the Contact Q&R link located under 'More Information'.

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