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Increasing Subscriber Expectations

Home broadband users are consuming more network bandwidth than ever: Simultaneously streaming programs to the TV, playing games in the cloud, watching videos on their phones, working in home offices, and more. Such activities are putting enormous demands on access and home networks, while subscriber expectations for seamless, secure connectivity across the entire home are higher than ever. When new services, like 8K Ultra HD and virtual reality (VR) streaming become available, users will presume they can get broadband speeds that are up to the task.
Often exceeding the capability of a single gateway, subscribers expect consistent wireless performance throughout their home, regardless of its size. It is not uncommon to have coverage issues in a significant portion of the home, especially when a subscriber puts the gateway in a corner or tucks it away in an office. Poor coverage is not just a subscriber problem; it is also a problem for service providers because they get complaint calls, whether it is their fault or not, resulting in higher operating costs due to unnecessary service calls and truck rolls.
Subscribers also want their network to be protected from cyberattacks, although they are connecting more and more devices to the network, which increases their vulnerability to hackers. Another issue is many Internet routers fail to defend users against known malware due to outdated firmware.

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