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Thin, Thinner, Thinnest Laptop

As new breeds of incredibly fast, lightweight computers become indispensible in our daily lives, wearing the crown of thinnest laptop is the new gold standard of mobility and performance. Thanks to extended battery life and the latest Intel® Core™ processors that allow devices to be more responsive and compact than ever before, you can enjoy the power of a PC in the thinnest laptops available today.


The days of heavy, bulky laptops are over. Now you can pull up a report for school or work, stay connected with friends on your social networks, and download music, all while sipping coffee at your favorite Wi-Fi spot. And when it’s time to go, you simply have a slim, lightweight device to slip into your backpack and you’re off.


It’s all about a computer that fits your active lifestyle, and the Intel Product Finder—with accurate product information—is a great place to compare the latest devices.


A Wide Choice of Thin Laptops

Deciding which device is right for you can seem overwhelming. Yes, there are many choices for thin, fast, powerful devices. But it’s good to remember that you’re looking for a computer that allows you to stay connected and move between school, work, and leisure activities without missing an email, assignment, or latest episode of a TV program.


Since the popularity of tablets, touch-screen technology, and hand-held devices has forever changed how we communicate and entertain ourselves, the demands for the thinnest laptop have pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. And along the way, an entirely new mobile device has been developed: the Ultrabook™, which combines the best features of a laptop with the flexibility of a tablet.


The New 2-in-1 Computer: The Ultra Thin Ultrabook™

For those who want the experience of a tablet with touch screen technology combined with a keyboard and the performance of a laptop, there’s the Ultrabook™ complete with the following features and options:



The Skinny on Laptops

If having a full keyboard, a battery with extended life and wireless capabilities are important to you, then you may want to consider the full range of available value and premium laptops. In addition to features like large-capacity hard drives, extensive memory, and outstanding graphics, the Intel Product Finder can also help you decide which Intel Core processor is right for your performance needs.


Innovative Technology That Won’t Slow You Down

Choosing a laptop or Ultrabook is really an investment in you. And the Intel Product Finder is a fun, informative way to start your shopping. Ultimately, it’s nice to know that in today’s Internet-connected world, your life doesn’t have to slow down when you leave school, work, or even a wall outlet behind.


Informações de produto e desempenho


1. A Intel® Smart Connect Technology requer o uso de um processador Intel® específico, de software da Intel® e da atualização do BIOS, adaptador de rede sem fio Intel® e conexão com a Internet. Pode ser necessário equivalente a memória ou unidade de estado sólido. Dependendo da configuração do sistema, seus resultados podem variar. Para obter informações, entre em contato com o fabricante do seu sistema.

2. Nenhum sistema de computador pode fornecer segurança absoluta. Requer um processador Intel® habilitado, chipset habilitado, além de firmware e software otimizados para uso nas tecnologias. Consulte o fabricante do seu sistema e fornecedor de software para obter outras informações.