Intel® Software Development Tools for COVID-19 Research



As the world faces the challenging COVID-19 pandemic, Intel is committed to supporting research that accelerates discoveries and technology development to combat the virus.

COVID-19 researchers, at no cost, can access to Intel® oneAPI Base Toolkit and Intel® oneAPI HPC Toolkit, which together deliver compilers (including industry-leading C++ and Fortran compilers), performance libraries, standards-based parallel computing models, and advanced performance analysis tools.

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Existing Users of Intel® Software Development Tools

Intel® oneAPI Toolkits are the next generation of Intel® Software Development Tools for building and deploying high-performance, data-centric applications across diverse architectures driven by standards. The transition to Intel® oneAPI Toolkits will deliver additional capabilities through existing tools and new tools.

Intel® oneAPI Toolkits include forum support. No qualification is required, tools are available to everyone.