End-to-End Mobile Workflow Solutions for Utilities Companies

Create reliable, high-quality utility services with mobile workflows.

Mobile technology creates opportunities for utility companies to increase efficiency and quality of service.

When the power goes down, everyone depends on the response time and efficiency of their utility company. Reliable and high-quality service depends on well-designed workflows and the ability to manage tasks easily. Ruggedized mobile solutions enable service workers and crews to stay on top of their respective tasks, all while working faster and better than ever before.

As we move into the future, energy-efficient devices and distributed power generation are moving to the fore. This movement is reducing the demand for electricity. The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that the demand for electricity in the U.S. will only increase by 0.9 percent yearly through 2040. This means that utilities companies need to cut costs without creating a decline in services. Investment in mobile technology streamlines workflows for the greatest use of each dollar.

While many utility companies work to maximize time spent helping customers, siloing and time-consuming methods of operation can hamper employee productivity. Service tickets, time tracking, and materials tracking are often kept in different places, often in several different forms. Manual data entry can also slow process down and result in errors. With ruggedized tablets that connect to cellular networks, employees can work without having to drive into the main office, and the synchronicity offered by mobile solutions offers more accountability and efficiency.

Energy companies need to manage trucks, crews, overtime hours, and equipment all at the same time. It makes sense to have a unified and connected solution for doing so. Being able to update crews in real time about the shifting landscape of job tasks can keep fuel costs low, increase “wrench” time, and ensure more accountability and cost-effectiveness.

Wind Technicians Choose Intel® Technology-based Tablets for Mobile Field Work

Iberdrola’s wind technicians fleet are taking their workflows from paper to the security of Microsoft Surface Pro and reaping the benefits.

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Empowering Utility Field Workers with Mobile Technology

The latest high-tech tool for the world’s largest renewable energy company is not a wind turbine, it’s the new Intel® Technology-based mobile tablets. Hundreds of wind technicians throughout the company’s U.S. fleet are taking their workflows from paper to the security of Microsoft Surface Pro and reaping the benefits.

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